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What is the Better Humans Project?

The Better Humans Project(BHP) allows you to set goals and then helps you achieve them. The idea is to make everyday a nonzero day, that is everyday you are making progress, however small, toward achieving your goals. By making everyday a nonzero day even the most ambitious goals become achievable.

Do you struggle with procrastination?

The BHP system is designed to cut through the urges to procrastinate. A large goal can seem like an almost unscalable mountain when viewed from afar. Such a large obstacle can be discouraging and lead you to opt to do something more enjoyable but not productive. We try to make the mountain less daunting by breaking it up into small chunks. By breaking your goals up into small achievable tasks it removes a lot of the mental barrier that pushes you to procrastinate and helps you get to work. If your goal is to read a long book but all you need to do today is read one page it's much easier to just pick the book up and start.

Do you lack motivation?

If you lack motivation and determination to improve your situation it can be demoralizing and only compound over time. BHP can help you get some traction until you start to see results and can motivate yourself. We do this through some psychological tendencies that most people have. The core of the BHP system is the nonzero day; each day you are pushed to complete all of your most simple tasks so that you are making progress toward all of your goals. Your goal is to string together nonzero days and building streaks. By doing this it pushes you to maintain your streaks and work hard again tomorrow.

Goal Categories

You can organize your goals in to categories that match the broad aspects of your life. Click any category below to get a description of that category.

Health: Goals relating to your physical well being. For example things relating to your body, fitness, diet, sleep, etc.

Mind: Goals relating to your mental well being. For example things relating to your education, beliefs, hobbies, etc.

Financial: Goals about making money or bettering yourself financially. Usually relating to your job, career or certain hobbies.

Social: Goals about your interactions with other people. Usually about making new connections, repairing old connections, or maintaining existing connections.

Enjoyment: Goals about things that make you happy. For example things like movies, books, sports, hobbies, games, etc.

Goal Levels

Goals are organized into different levels according to how important and time consuming they are. Click any level below to get a description of that level.

Daily: Daily goals are goals that you could fairly easily complete each day. The idea is that by completing a simple task like reading a single page of a book you are always making progress toward your larger goals. Also by starting simple tasks you are much more likely to do more than required.

Minor: Minor goals are things you could possibly achieve each day but are more complicated and time consuming than daily goals. Unlike daily goals it should be quite difficult to achieve more than a couple minor goals in a single day and almost impossible to achieve them all in one day.

Major: Major goals should be much more difficult and time consuming than minor and especially daily goals. They should be things that you spend a lot of time working toward. Generally it should be fairly rare to complete a major goal on any given day.

Life: Life goals should of course be the most difficult goals that you have. They are things that you put months or more likely years into before they are obtainable. A lot of life goals are things that you may only achieve once in your lifetime.

Custom Notifications

You are given strong control over when you receive notifications regarding your daily progress. Each notification is tailored to the time of day and your progress through your goals so far that day. These notifications help you keep on top of your goals and help you to stop procrastinating and get down to work.

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