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Creating Better Humans with Joint Assessment, Therapy and Training.



Functional Range Assessment

30 Minute Assessment - FREE!

90 Minute Full Body Assessment - I will take a full "inventory" of every single joint in your body and record the active and passive ranges of motion along with any obvious compensatory patterns. We will then take an objective overview of the recordings and make a realistic game plan to start addressing your areas of pain, restriction and/or dysfunction. 

*You will receive a $30 credit towards your first therapy session after your Full Body Assessment is complete!



Functional Range Release Therapy

60 minute FR Therapy - These sessions are geared towards creating specific and lasting change in connective tissues (such as fascia, tendons, ligaments, etc). Because change is occurring in your tissues on a cellular level as a result of the therapy, each session starts with a new tissue assessment to continue guiding your healing to completion. 

*Ask about the 5 session package!


Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Training

30 Minute FRC Mobility Training - These sessions are designed to bring all of the assessments and therapy to completion. We do this by "bullet-proofing" and strengthening the specific tissues from therapy and training your nervous system to start utilizing your newly acquired ranges of motion immediately and effectively so that you can get better at what you love doing.  

*Four - 30 minute sessions for only $120