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Creating Better Humans with Joint Assessment, Therapy and Training.

Creating Better Humans with Joint Assessment, Therapy and Training.

Creating Better Humans with Joint Assessment, Therapy and Training. Creating Better Humans with Joint Assessment, Therapy and Training.

About Katie


Why I do what I do

Being in good health is first and foremost defined by objective biomarkers but it can also be defined subjectively in the way you feel in your mind and in your body. How your joints feel during activities of daily living, exercise, energy level upon waking or how you respond to stress and the quality of your relationships with the people closest to you. Is what we are doing (or not doing) sustainable and beneficial for our minds and bodies? I am pursuing a life where, as I grow in years, I grow in good health. I am pursing a life where I can enjoy walking outside, have my independence and a sound mind until the last day of my life. I am pursuing a life of deeper relationships with God, my family and everyone around me. I believe that's what most people are looking for as well. I created The Better Humans Project because I want to share that pursuit with others. True Health is a journey that, if done wisely and intentionally, will add quality to your life, not just quantity. Every day should be a step towards progression and I'm here to take those steps with those who are willing and determined because becoming a better human is a lifelong project.


How I got here

My background (and first love) is Massage Therapy. I graduated valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA from Cortiva - CSMT and I've had my license since Jan 2010. Later I went to NPTI for a NASM Personal Training Certificate in Oct 2014 and went on to receive my Crossfit L1 the following year, Oct 2015. With these fundamental disciplines I was introduced to Functional Range Systems in 2017 and attended my first course - Functional Range Conditioning - in 2018. The content of this course hit me like a ton of bricks and I immediately realized my perspective on human movement, massage therapy and training was lacking, to say the least. This fired me up and led me down a rabbit hole of personal study into understanding the behavior and mechanisms of human cells/tissue to apply (with great success) to my manual therapy and training. For the rest of 2018 I passionately chased and collected the Functional Range Release Spine and Upper Limb certificate as well as the Functional Range Assessment certificate, all of which which are hands-on therapy-based practices. As for fitness, I consider myself a jack of all trades and am intrigued by many different disciplines. As a result, I have pursued many different types of fitness but have yet to become a master of one. Most recently my interest has been learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Powerlifting and some Strongman fundamentals. I've also been doing more personal study on the effects of stress, heart rate variability/polyvagal theory, whole food nutrition and their relationship to health optimization.  

In March of 2019, I decided to mesh all my education together and practice Functional Range Systems out of Big Shoulders Crossfit under the "The Better Humans Project". The rest is better humans in the making.